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Mushroom Soup

tangy mushroom broth. cream. garlic bread

Mixed Salad with Smoked Duck

coral, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, cherry tomato, onion, boiled egg, croutons, smoked duck

Tea Time Set

Available from 3PM – 6PM (Mains + Drinks Of Choice)

Nasi Lemak Pancakes

coconut infused batter, anchovies, peanut, egg, butter with sweet sambal sauce

Apom Balik Waffle

with chunky peanut butter, creamed corn and ice cream

Choco Waffle Ala Mode

with chocolate, fruits compote and ice cream

Classic Waffle

with butter, golden syrup and ice cream

Chicken Wing BBQ Sauce

3 pieces of chicken wing, sesame seed and pickled vegetables

Seafood Kakiage Fritters with Peanut Sauce

prawn, squid with chef’s selection of vegetables and peanut sauce

Fried Sushi Rice Ball

rice ball, nori, mozarella cheese, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce and bonito flakes

Nachos with Chicken Bolognese

corn tortillas, bolognese, mozzarella and chef’s cheese sauce

Cheezy French Fries

fries, mozzarella and chef’s cheese sauce

Soto Ayam

chicken broth, shredded chicken, glass noodles, peanut, potato patty with spicy sweet soya sauce


rice cake, bean curd, vegetables and egg in a coconut turmeric gravy


tDD Fire Rice with Cheese

herb infused rice, potato, spicy buldak sauce, poached egg & chef’s cheese combo

Selection of Chicken / Smoked Duck

tDD Chicken Chop

grilled chicken thigh, rice, baked beans, onion ring, soft boiled egg, mushroom sauce, kakiage & fries

tDD Nasi Lemak

coconut herb-ed rice, fried herb-ed chicken, sambal, pickled vegetables, crackers, curry gravy

Omurice a.k.a Omelette Fried Rice

egg, pickled vegetables, crackers, side salad & BBQ Chicken Wing

Prawn Spaghetti

spaghetti, mushroom, cherry tomato, prawns, herbs

Selection of Spicy / Classic Tomato Sauce

Fried Udon Thai Green Curry

udon, mushrooms, eggplant, cherry tomato, coconut cream, thai green curry infusion & chicken char siew

Sang Mee

deep fried noodles, seafood, mushrooms, mixed vegetables with egg gravy

Chang - Soo Pasta

korean drama inspired: diced chicken, vegetable macedoine, black beans. Accompanied with kimchi & pickled radish

Simply Fish & Chips

breaded seabass fillet, lemon wedges, french fries & classic tartar sauce

Seafood Kakiage Fritters with Peanut Sauce

prawn, squid with chef’s selection of vegetables and peanut sauce

Satay Yakitori

4 meat skewers, onion, bell pepper, cucumber, rice balls, crackers & teriyaki sauce.

Selection of All Chicken / All Beef / 1/2 & 1/2

From The Sugar Corner

Velvet Zinger Chocolate Cake
Salted Calamansi Cake
Crème Brûlée
Chocolate Mousse Cake

Freshly Brewed

Espresso Hot
Coffee Hot
Latte Hot

Ipoh Style

Kopi / Kopi 'O'
Teh Tarik (Cold with Whipped Cream)
Teh 'O'

From Our Labs

Lemonade Punch
Aged Calamansi Asam Boi
Cool Pear
tDD Pinky Fizz
Banana Chocolate Milkshake
TDD Pinkish Coffee Layer

Carbonated Drinks

Soft Drinks - Coke/Sprite/Soda
*These items may be served raw and/or undercooked. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of a food borne illness especially when you have a medical condition

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For further questions, please call -

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