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Starting Out

Taking inspiration from the Fashion and Automotive industry term of “crossovers”, we wondered if that could apply to food and drinks. It is our dream to expose local Ipoh-nites to try some contemporary Malaysian x Asian cuisine.

Our Menu Creations are homemade and home cooked with local Malaysian produce through our research and development during the recent lockdown in Malaysia. We have minimized the use of processed foods and instant flavours in our return to basic cooking fundamentals.

This is part of our commitment to comply to the Malaysian Standard of Halal Compliance of which we had submitted and are following through with the relevant authorities in due course.


( theDailyDiner )

When you’re in the mood for something different,

there’s only one place to head to in Ipoh:

the Daily Diner.

Open for Lunch, Teatime and Dinner!

making a


You Deserve
A Cozy Celebration

G A R   D E N

the Garden

Welcome to the Garden that adorned with a gorgeous stalk of pampas grass hanging on the long tablescape. The cloud adds some stunning texture to the neutral space making it the focal point of the room.

the Garden is not much extensive space but enough to accommodate a minimum of 8 pax and a maximum of 14 pax.

You are encouraged to make a reservation three (3) days before the actual event.

For further inquiries, please call or WhatsApp us at 012-5481432.